Guide to Superconductivity-related Activities in Asia

The purpose of this Guide is to provide the superconducting community worldwide with a searchable index database succinctly defining the current superconductivity-related activities in Asia and offering complete contact information on the groups and organizations involved.  Research, development, design, manufacturing, characterization and applications (users) are to be included. The database should stimulate interaction and cooperation between researchers, groups, institutions and industries active in superconductivity, both in Asia and worldwide. The information to be provided by this Guide can also become useful to national and international agencies, governmental bodies and others. The Guide is associated with the IEEE CSC & ESAS superconductivity News Forum (SNF).

The Asia Guide database is not accessible at this time.  Currently, this website is only an
It is open to submission of entries by filling the New Guide Entry Form.

Prompt response by organizations and groups involved in superconductivity-related activities in Asian countries will accelerate the Guide listing of activities becoming open and searchable.  After it is open, the Guide users will be able to browse it by topical category, class (type of activity or organization), country or name of the organization with dropdown listings of choices, and by keywords, terms, and contact names.  The Guide contents will be updated via an annual review, but new submissions will be acceptable at any time.   We appeal to all members of the superconductivity community in Asia to assist the Guide Editor by stimulating prompt submission of entries. The Editor, Professor Kexi XU, Shanghai University, China, will be also grateful for information on existing activities and reliable contact data, which can be e-mailed to him.
Anyone possibly interested in submitting an entry to this Guide can obtain an approximate idea on what it will offer, and how the entries will be structured and presented, by inspecting the existing IEEE CSC & ESAS “Europe Guide to Superconductivity-related Activities”   However, the present new Guide will be more user-friendly and will have refined search capabilities.

For the time being, the Guide will published online only in English.  Consequently, we encourage entries in English only.  Submitters requiring English language assistance may contact Professor Xu to inquire on the availability of help.

Translations of this home page downloadable in PDF version: